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Dog Beds

What Tastes Bad to Dogs But is Harmless?

  Grape, or more specifically, the skin and seeds of this fruit tastes bad to dogs but is harmless. It can be toxic and cause...

Why Does My Dog Bring His Toys to My Bed?

  Your dog brings toys to your bed as a gesture of affection and to share its comfortable space with you. This behavior reflects bonding,...

Why Does My Dog Hold His Bed in His Mouth?

  \Your dog may hold his bed in his mouth as a way of comforting himself or satisfying an instinctual behavior, such as nesting or...

Want a pet for your loved ones?

At DogFig, we believe that dogs aren’t just pets; they’re family. Our journey began with a
simple yet profound love for these furry companions, and we’ve dedicated this space
to celebrate the joy, companionship, and endless wagging tails they bring into our lives.

Dog Bowls

Dog Pushing Food Bowl Away With Nose | Understand The Behavior

Why Does My Dog Knock Over His Food Bowl? Understanding Canine Behavior

Dog Bowls That Cannot Be Tipped Over | Solution for Messy Eaters

How High Should Dog Bowl Be? Optimal Height for Your Pet!

Dog Clothes

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Clothes?

How to Get Dog Pee Out of Clothes?

Why Do Dogs Lay on Your Clothes?

Why Do My Dog Lay on My Clothes? Understanding your furry friend’s behavior

Dog Food

Is Purina One Good Dog Food? The Ultimate Guide

  Purina One is a good dog food, recommended by many vets, and known for using quality ingredients. Purina One is a trustworthy brand, that...

Can Pigs Eat Dog Food ? The Ultimate Guide

  Yes, pigs can eat dog food, but it should not be their primary diet. Pigs require a more diverse diet, including fruits, vegetables, and...

Are Dogs Allowed in Whole Foods ? Pet Policy and Guidelines

  Service dogs are allowed in Whole Foods for sanitization purposes. However, pet animals and emotional support animals are generally not permitted. When it comes...

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